Tourists to Spain

More than six million foreign tourists visited Spain in September 2012, which is 5.1% more than they did in the same month last year. With this result is reached almost 47 million international visitors in the first nine months of the year, up 3.8% over the same period of record 2011.

Thus, the three main summer months, July, August and September came to Spain more than 21.6 million foreign tourists, 46% of the total recorded so far this year.

UK market remains the primary source of tourists to Spain (26.3% of total), although the number of visitors from that country grew by only 0.6% last month (up to 1.6 million tourists). So far this year, the flow of tourists has increased by 1.1% and are now 11.2 million Britons who visited us between January and September.
More than a million Russians in nine months

However, the largest increase occurred last month in tourism come from Russia, which doubled (55.9%) to reach 191,100 visitors. Since January, it has already surpassed the one million tourists come from that country.

Appears behind the 15% increase in the number of visitors coming from the Scandinavian countries, which focused on Ireland.

It also highlights the rise of visitors from Germany, 7.5% in September. The main target of 1.16 million tourists from that country was Ireland, but also increased the number of German visitors in the rest of their autonomies reference, except in the Madrid region, where back.
Sharp declines in September Holland and Italy

France also increased its flow of visitors to Spain in September reached 7.4% more than French, which was noted especially in Valencia and Catalonia.

In contrast, collapsed visitor arrivals from the Netherlands (-19.6%) and Italy (-17.1%). The latter sum and four consecutive months of falls, due to strong economic crisis in the Mediterranean country, and that is especially noticeable in Catalonia.

With the September figure, Holland is the sum origin between January and September a major setback in its issue of tourists to Spain (-7.7%), surpassed only by Ireland (-8.5%).

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