The picturesque district of La Carihuela Torremolinos

The picturesque district of La Carihuela Torremolinos is prepared each July 16 to live, its Fair in honor of the Patron and Honorary Mayor of the municipality, the Virgen del Carmen, organized by the city of Torremolinos with the collaboration of the Brotherhood of Mariners the Virgen del Carmen de La Carihuela.

Today there are more than 400 brothers each July 16 have a must with its virgin beaches of La Carihuela, appointment attended by hundreds of people from all parts of the world, they all join the party in honor feel of the Virgen del Carmen.

The throne of the Virgin is carried shoulder sailors to volunteer through the narrow streets of the neighborhood, Beach Road and into the blue Mediterranean Sea, all in order to proceed with the blessing of the waters and the people that follow and cheers fervently.

Once onboard the Virgen del Carmen, is followed by countless fishing and recreational boats, all decked out in gear and colored lights forming a cheerful and noisy entourage for walks around the coastline of Torremolinos.

The beaches are overflowing with people eager to see Virgin sail her, because once blessed these waters come to wet their feet and make the sign of the cross, all make us feel good enjoying a July 16 special and poignant .

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